Can A Pothos Plant Be Fully Submerged {Will it Grow and Thrive}

Can A Pothos Plant Be Fully Submerged In Water

Do you have a pothos plant and you are wondering if it will grow fully submerged in water?

Will it survive? Will it grow? Will it thrive?

In this article I will cover everything that you need to know

Can pothos be fully submerged? Yes, a pothos plant will grow when submerged in water, it is recommended to only place the roots in the water and keep the leafs out of the water.

Can A Pothos Plant Be Fully Submerged In Water

It is possible to grow a Pothos completely submerged in water, it will grow and will survive for many months. It is very important for some of the plant to have access to air as it will need oxygen to survive.

Can A Pothos Plant Be Fully Submerged In Water

Sun light can also help plant to grow and thrive, so it is important to place plant in a location where it gets a good amount of sun light everyday.

You will need to keep an eye on the leafs on the plant as they will usually die after a few months emerged in water, as soon as the leaves go bad you will need to cut them off the plant and remove from water as they will rot and will reduce the water quality if left in the water.

Can Pothos Leaves Grow Underwater?

Yes, Pothos leaves will grow under water as long as some of the plant is above water and have access to oxygen which the plant needs to survive.

The leaves will survive fully submerged underwater for between a few weeks to a few months without access to oxygen.

The leaves will start to die and rot if they don’t have access to oxygen. If the leaves rot they will ruin the water quality which can in turn ruin anything in the water such as other plants and animals such as fish.

So if you see any dying leaves you should remove them from the plant as soon as possible

Tips To Grow A Healthy Pothos Fully Submerged

Below I will go through the best tips to help you successfully grow a pothos plant submerged underwater.

1. Only Roots In Water

It is recommended to only have the roots of the plant in the water and the rest of the plant above water as shown in the picture below

Tips To Grow A Healthy Pothos Fully Submerged

typically the leaves do not do very well underwater because they need oxygen to grow and survive.

2. Sunlight

Sunlight is another important factor to help the plants growth. The plant ideally needs around 10 hours of sunlight a day to help it grow.

Make sure it is not in direct sunlight as these plants are fragile and will burn if they get too much stop direct sunlight.

3. Temperature

The perfect temperature for pothos is between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit (15c – 26c) and the temperature should never drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

This plant also thrives in high humidity environments

4. Remove Dead or Rotting Leaves

If you spot any leaves that are brown or yellow in colour this is usually an indication that the leaf is dying or dead and should be removed immediately.

Simply remove the leaf leaving the stem as a new leaf should grow

5. Remove Dead or Rotting Stems

If you noticed a stem of the plant has turned in colour this will also indicates that the stem has died or is dying and should be trimmed as soon as possible.

6. Remove Bugs

You should keep a close eye on your plant if any bugs are on it as they will feed on the plant which will most likely kill the plant over time

Can Pothos Roots be Submerged in Water?

Yes, pothos roots can be submerged in water and new roots will sprout from the stem of the plant that is submerged in water.

Typically new roots will take around 7 to 14 days to fully grow. They should grow around 1 to 3 inches in size depending on the conditions the plant is in.

How Long Can Pothos Survive Underwater?

A pothos plant will survive underwater for a very long time as long as conditions are ideal for the plant.

For tips on how to keep the pothos plant healthy take a look at the tips listed above in this article.


Is a Pothos Plant Safe for Aquariums?

A pothos plant is completely safe to keep in an aquarium and will not affect the health of your fish. In fact there are many benefits of keeping this plant in your aquarium which include, Removing nitrates from the water, helps to prevent algae growth, can provide shade from the sun for the tank.

Will Pothos Destroy My Aquarium?

It is possible that pothos can destroy other aquarium plants by starving them of nutrients because a pothos plant very fast and will typically take the nutrients from the water quicker then other typical aquarium plants.

Can a pothos Sit in Water?

Yes, it can sit in water. it is recommended to only place the roots in the water and keep the rest of the plant above water level. this way the plant has the best chance of growing up healthy

Do Pothos Grow Better in Water or Soil?

A pothos plant will grow better in soil than water as long as the soil is not over watered

Can pothos Live in a Pond?

Yes, pothos plants can live in a pond and we’ll grow well in ponds. It is recommended to keep them in a pot and submerge half of the pot in the water. Be aware these plants do not do well in cold weather and are unlikely to survive any cold Winters.

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