How Much Nitrate Does Pothos Remove? {You Will Be Surprised}

The pothos Plant very good purifier for aquariums and indoor air.

The plant is very good at removing toxic chemicals and is very popular in aquariums and home spaces.

If you add this plant to your aquarium it will help to filter the water and remove nitrates from the water.

How Long for Pothos to Lower Nitrates in an Aquarium?

A pothos plant will take 5 to 7 days to absorb nitrates in aquarium water which it will absorb through its roots.

How Much Nitrate Does Pothos Remove

Pothos plants are very fast growing and for that reason is why they are very efficient at absorbing toxic chemicals from your water and lowering the nitrate level in your water.

This is why balance of very popular with fish keepers.

How Much Nitrate Does Pothos Remove?

A pothos plant will reduce the nitrate levels in your aquarium by 20-40 ppm within a week of adding them to your aquarium.

This plant is one of the most effective plants you can add to your aquarium to remove nitrate and other toxic chemicals from your water.

This is also one of the cheapest ways to remove nitrates from your water as the plant will grow and multiply overtime.

How Effective is Pothos at Removing Nitrates?

Using a pothos plant is one of the most effective ways that you can remove nitrates from your water.

They do a very good job at filtering out the nitrates through the roots of the plant.

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As well as removing nitrates and toxic chemicals from your aquarium water this plant will also help to reduce the growth of algae.

Overtime this plants can help in completely eliminating algae.

The only downside to this plant is because it is so fast growing it could starve other plants from the nutrients that they require to grow and could cause them to die

How to Attach Pothos to Aquarium

If you want to add this plant to your aquarium take a look at this article that I have written about that.

To sum up it is recommended to only place the roots of this plant in the water and keep the rest of the plant above the water.

The leaves of the plants need to access to air to survive in the long term


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